DONE! please delete.

I’m looking for cash or a trade, I want any CLYW throw (hopefully avalanche or gnarwal) or any one drop, REALLY want brass dome and aluminum dome side effects, also a torrent 2 or hatrick. Willing to entertain any offer tho.
Green yuuksta, mint, not a single ding or scratch. Hardly thrown comes with box.

Next, absolute MINT 2011 DNA, no dings or scratches, got it last week brand new. Thrown only twice. Comes with brand new OD ten ball, box, red AND white hubstacks.
Pm me if your interested and ill send pics. My phone won’t let me post them for some reason
You can view pics here:!/media/set/?set=a.171319579614234.43513.100002085781520&type=1&refid=17&_ft_a=100002085781520&_ft_tf=171319579614234&_ft_tpi=100002085781520&_ft_ti=6&_ft_sai=350685531728&_ft_fth=6cad8420e60acc1d&_ft_time_ft=1315369285

i was wandering how much are u charging for the the dna im sorta new to yoyos i have a silk yoyo no one has herd of it but i like it im just looking for a better yoyo my name is tj and i would realy like to buy this is my first time on this site so give me some pointers plz