Ya dig? By Bradley Moss

This is me just practicing for FL States 2011. Going for gold baby! So yeah, ya dig?

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Smoooooth! with extra O’s. Awesome job, good luck!

I deffinetly DIG!

Jesus Christ man, what the crap did I just watch. That’s gotta be the craziest yoyoing I’ve ever seen. To those that don’t know, I pretty much hate any variation on fast yoyoing EVER. But you, you man, YOU have just blown me clean out of the water and sunk my battleship- NO, my FLEET.

The way you incorporate unique and engaging elements in your yoyoing just wiped my face clean and colored me WOW.

You better practice the living crap out of that, man. Anything less than gold would be a shame.

Jeez, and I HATE fast yoyoing! Jeez!

I swear man if you don’t win i’m going to give up on the scoring system all together


Hey I Know You… :stuck_out_tongue: Its Darnell Like The Video And Your In The Same area As When we Video Chatted .

Lol, yeah Darnell, that’s exactly where I was sitting 0.o :stuck_out_tongue: