New Video

I made a new video.  This is also my first post here!

My name is Jon Martin and I live in Tampa.

Dude, NICE!!!
Welcome! I’m new here also…

That is honestly my favorite video from 2011 as of this moment. Amazing… I loved how fluid everything was. Perfect. It was so original, the tricks were amazing.


Hey! I saw you at FL states this year and worlds! You did really good at both, and this video is really awesome! Welcome to yoyoexpert. I haven’t been on here long, either. lol

Hey Tanner, I totally remember you from both. Florida represent =)

I also appreciate all the positive feedback. I am trying to evolve my 1A, but there are so many good tricks and so many good players that it’s difficult to come up with original, entertaining content.

I also forgot to thank everyone who inspires me. There are a ton of people. Bergy, Jack Ringca, Kentaro, Mark Allen just to name a few. Personal conversations with all 4 of those guys have continually taken my 1A and 4A in new directions over the years.