Y factors!

(Owen) #1

YYE’s gonna get some y factors! A limited run so snatch while you can! I know ill be getting one :wink:


Looks neato. I wonder what the comparatives are like vs. the Cafe Racer (other than the grooves in the catch zone). Looking for a ~50mm diameter throw.


Where did you hear this?

(Owen) #4

On FB, Posted by One Drop


Cool do you have any idea on price?
If there not to expensive I might pick one up


Y factors are the business. I feel like Pharrell Williams whenever I play one. Not that I’m biased or anything. :wink:


When they were out they were $70-$75 for solid colors and $90 for special editions. I love the Y Factor it was my first One Drop!!! LOVE IT!!


Here is the post over at One Drop

They look incredible.


Awesome. I love undersized and I’ve always wanted to try one out. I think I may try to get the black, pink, and white one.






When will they be stocked?

(DOGS) #13

Makes me miss my Y-Factor


Reminds me of Eddie Van Halen’s frankenstrat, except spashy instead of straight-liney. I like it!


The Y-Factor is one of those perfect yo-yos. No matter what I buy and sell, the Y-Factor will always have a place in my bag. Calling it a classic just does not do it justice. Simply an amazing throw.

IMHO, this is a must-have yoyo.

(M.DeV1) #16

Eh I don’t know if I want to spring for this, I haven’t been that impressed by any of onedrops other undersized, but I do love their full sizes.

(DOGS) #17

It’s odd. Only after getting rid of my Y-Factor do I really ever think about how stupid good it was.