Y-Factor vs. Campfire


Hey guys, I can’t decide whether to buy the Y-Factor or Campfire. I’ve read reviews on them and they both seemed to be excellent pocket sized yoyo’s. Can you guys help me?







I prefer the Campfire - it’s currently my main throw.


Never tried a y factor but I really love my campfire. Great for making tricks.

(laxdude99) #6

I personally love the y factor


Is it hard to thumb grind on the campfire?


First of it is hard to thumb grind on a campfire but it CAN be done. I have two campfires and one y factor and soon to be more. I LOVE both of these yoyo’s I think if you can buy both. They do serve a different purpose. The campfire is smaller and a bit quicker on the string where as the y factor a bit larger and more floaty. I can not recomend one over the other I really love them both. Best of luck.


the factor of y

        no way


No way. :o