xraying a yoyo heck ya!

yoyos in the photos
heavy cream +cw
half and half
metal tres leche

That’s so awesome. How did you get to do that?

I went to work with my dad cuz he had to calibrate an xray(he builds them) and we needed to test something.

Haha. That’s so cool. I with I could X ray all my yoyos.

ya i wish i had my big case with me i think hub stacked yoyos would look cool

Off-topic, but I like how you x-rayed that SD card :smiley:

oh ya i had an old sd card in my bag :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s pretty cool!!!

that would be useful for tuning a yoyo

That’s super cool!


This. lol

one of the few i’m glad to see to get bumped to the top.
those pictures are awesome

I don’t know how I necro’d this… I honestly don’t venture too far into the past (aka too far down the first page).

Weird stuff man

This entire subforum is less than a page.