wow. simply. wow.

This man gets his work done on time, and is always fun to deal with. I have had a FHZ painted by him, and I enjoyed it so much, that I bought a DMII for him to paint. This man does not dissappoint, and is always fun to talk about color schemes with. I love talking to him and running ideas by him.

Simply put. WOW

No e after minus btw.

Its ok, Q can misspell my name if he wants to :smiley:

Thanks Q, same goes for you!!!

Mike is one of the best modders I have ever dealt with and he is a very generous guy. Don’t hesitate when dealing with him, he is very trustworthy and a great person in general.

Dude after trading with mike I wish I lived closer to mike so I could hang out with mike. Forget Jordan I want to be like minusmike

Mike is just plain awesome to deal with. Absolutely no problems. His FHZs (MMZs) are amazing. I’m thinking of getting another one. :slight_smile:

Holy crap someone else used my made up name for the Minus Mike FHZ. I totally coined that MMZ, welp its official now he needs to wipe the caps and get custom decals :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with this one 100%
It’s too legit for him to even think about quitting even though he hasn’t even began to think about it yet