Thanks to all that bought my mods....going on hiatus to work on another project

Thanks to all that bought my mods…my mods on hiatus to work on another project. I’m not sure when I will have more FHZ/FH2’s to paint/mod but this forum will be the first to know. Once again, thanks to all that bought mods from me.


curse you empty wallet!


Are you gonna stop making them?

Woah! A custom painted freehand zero for only thirty bucks?

If you recessed it at that price. Psh. Fsh. Who wouldn’t jump on that deal?

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the recessed, shmooved fh2’s are awesome!!! grab it up before i do

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PM sent

i honestly wish i had and extra $30… (free bump)

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Now I’m just thinking, and that’s really dangersous I know, but what if I sent a Couple of strings to you. Would you put one on each of these bad boys. I kinda want to do something to celebrate being off hiatis.

To be honest I just need something to get me motivated. So do you care if I send some Humboldts made with max threads, and some truck driving core strings. (DANG I NEED TO GIVE THOSE A NEW NAME!) Anywho do you care if I send something?

Same here I’m broke

$30 for all of them or $30 each

I might consider the blue and green FHZ, is it unresponsive and dual sillied?

Oh then I might want one dual recessed and black with gold/yellow splash if u can but don’t do anything yet. How much will it be with that (^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)?