Minus Mike Modded FH2 FOR SALE!


I really don’t want to get rid of this but I kind of want the money for something else. This is a single side sili recessed, schmooved, and custom painted FH2. This has to be one of my smoothest players and has only been throw a few times. This bad boy is in MINT condition. Looking for $25 shipped and NO TRADES, so please don’t ask. ;D I can send this in its original package w/ the CW too.


Aw this is off the chain!

Someone please snatch this up, Mike is a really good modder and his work shows it!

I own a few FHZs that he’s modded and I play them ALL The time.

You will want to have this in your collection! :o


Ohh man I could beat you right now. If I had money I would snag it.

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