Xdohls + Samad + PandaJoe = New YYET!!!

So Xdohls is back, and this means new tutorials! We had Jayyo and Kim-Lan on for a while, but with Xdohls being back, they are free!

Anyway, we wanted someone new to the team, for a permanent spot. We looked around, and a light shined around PandaJoe. We asked him to be part of the team, and he was glad to!

So what does this mean?
ALL NEW tutorials from 3 different people! Hooray!
So get learning.

YoYoExpertTutorials, coming to you soon.

P.S: I was working on a Jensen Kimmitt GT tutorial, but I am having a little trouble, so expect it coming in a few days.


And by the way Samad, what is that JK GT you’re talking about?

The arm trick. Where he comes around his arm, and moves it into a GT.

Ah, ok.

I’ll try to make a tutorial, I’ll see.

That trick is sexy. I think I saw Logan do it in his peak vid.

Awesome, should be fun.

Hahahhahaha arm tricks. I hate them so much.

Nice to have you, PandaJoe!

And in case anyone is wondering, I have nothing planned. Woohoo!

Awesome! Need someone to do 5A tutorials?

Edit: At first glance I thought the title sad “New YWET!!!” :smiley:

Um, That’s simple, you mean this at :52 to :55 (very old video):


Happy Throwing! =]

If it was simple you would be able to do it. It is not what you were thinking.


So, do you want a harder/ combo trick?

Happy Throwing! =]

At about 1:19 - 1:21

can i do tuts with u? Im good at teaching =D

Here you go Samad!  :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

I already knew how to do the trick. I was just going to make a tutorial, but you and GM user already did.

Again, sorry.

I thought you have trouble doing JK arm trick, then you knew how, so how come you didn’t tell us?

Happy Throwing! =]

wasnt there more vids on the yyet account on youtube the other day ???

sorry too… :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Throwing! =]