Ninja Vanish (HD)

I already made a tutorial for this trick a few years ago as my first tutorial. I really wanted to redo this because it’s a great trick.

Vimeo will be available within a few weeks unless someone wants to give me 60 dollars haha.

Download available at


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Nice! I am going to try to learn it.


I couldn’t learn the other one because of weird text.


awesome I’ve been wanting to learn this trick, now that i can read the text i should be able to, video quality is amazing, please make more tuts!!

Check his link. plenty of tuts

Dude I didn’t know Gerard was here I learn a lot of nice tricks from your site. Great videos all of them!

I’m trying to learn it,Ive always wanted t learn a trick like that.

Great tutorial! Btw, you can find this trick under the name “Flying Trapeze GT”, but i think Ninja Vanish sounds cooler ;D

Cool ima try and learn it

Dude you rock! I love GTs and thanks to you ive learned 2 new ways to get into them!

Known it for a while, I can even do cross handed and double crosshanded :smiley:

Now on VIMEO!

Great tutorial for this trick. I also agree that “Ninja Vanish” sounds better than “Flying Trapeze GT”. My L4 doesn’t seem to like lubing and now it’s tug responsive so I can’t do this one in a while. :’(

You should still practice that arm wave, though.

Double??? >:( >:(

I can do cross-armed but not double crossed arm.

I can do triple GT whip though :smiley: :smiley:

I call the trick nija gt/ flying gt any way I can do it:)

THanks GUY! ive been wondering what trick that was since ive seen it so many times in performances!

What yo-yo are you using?

Please check dates on when it was last posted so you don’t bring a dead post back up.

Is it really that big of a deal? Isn’t it better that he post in here rather than starting a new thread?

He could just PM you?