Ninja Vanish (HD)

Since it’s yours, I guess you’d like it, since its your trick, but it is old. Kim-Lan or Samad would probably say that, too.

who cares


I would not.

You should care about necros. However, you should not in the case of this post.

It is a tutorial. It is better to be brought up then to never be seen again. At least with it being brought up, more people can learn it. Stop throwing hissy fits everytime someone posts.


What yo-yo you using though?

I’m pretty sure its a YoYoJam Hitman :wink:

thats how i see it, its good for old stuff to come up now and again


so true samad

If it hadn’t been bumped I’d never have noticed it. :wink: off to practice my ninja mastery

you are so awsome Gerard i mean AWSOMEEEEE i would love to be your staker
i mean friend