Trapeze and his brother to ninja vanish?

Check it out! :smiley: Sorry about all the trick posts! I’m just excited to share it with you all!!!

Good one! This is a fun trick ‘slack’ too. See video at 43 seconds in.

Then at the end instead of a bind from trapeze (after popping out of GT) just go through the whole trick again as many times as you want!

So awesome. I can do a ninja vanish, so I think I’ll have to steal this one from you, too!

My favourite “mini combo” lately is ninja vanish to jade whip.

Don’t apologize for sharing the vids! They’re great!

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Nice man! Keep it going!

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Thank you all for your advice and kind words! I will keep it up for sure! :smiley:

What i do is after i do a Ninja Vanish, i do a GT Suicide, pop out into a Trapeze, and bind.

I gotta try that! :smiley: Thanks!

no prob! :slight_smile: very fun trick.