x3 yoyos


Hey, i am planning to buy of of those yoyos from X3 i can choose Aware, La Goutte, Stampede, Steamroller, or Tech yo. Currently i got YYF qudaro and 888x, they are fine but like everybody i want sth new;p it is currently my third month of yoyoing so i am kinda beginner, at first i wanted to pick steamroller but its width wont be a problem for me when learining tricks like black hops etc? is it real that stable? iknow its the player not the yoyo but… :stuck_out_tongue: what do u think ?


The La Goutte and Steamroller seem to be the most popular X3 yoyos. Many people say the La Goutte is one of their top throws. What tricks can you do, and what do you want in a yoyo? Most (or all) X3 yoyos are said to be great. I’ve never used any.


My X3 Aware is wonderful. If you wanna stick with smaller sized throws then I advice you to get one. Its one of the smoothest throws I’ve ever thrown. It’s very stable, and it also has the best grinding finish I’ve come across with.


like i sadi i am beginner so currently i am working at perfecting easy tricks like skin the gerbil, kamikaze matrix coldfusion kwijibo etc i think i ll pick up steamroller i prefer fast tricks and i heared that yoyo is made for them


The Steamroller apparently has quite sharp edges so may not be the best yoyo for a beginner. Teh Yo looks really interesting but is slim so also not the best for a learner. That leaves the Aware, La Goutte and Stampede. I’ve tried both the Aware and Stampede and I’d recommend the Stampede. It’s really stable and the wide width makes it easier to hit many tricks. I’ve also heard good things about the La Goutte but have yet to try one.

One small disadvantage about the Steamroller and Stampede it that they both use less common sized bearings which may be a pain if you want to experiment with other bearing types. I think all the other X3 yoyos use a standard C-size bearing.


i am not really afraid about sharp edges, cut myself already with 888x near eye at first month of yoyoing , stong breakaway+ knot = strong smash + open wound not big but a lot of blood + black eye after it :P, steamroller is a beast i think i ll pick one devil red one ]:slight_smile:


La Goutte is one of my favorite throws ever, and i’ve played a lot…


The La Goutte is also one of my favorite throws ever. I would say La Goutte or Stampede. I caution against the Aware, especially if you’ve only been throwing for a few months because it is the least forgiving of the X3 models. It is a very nice yoyo but it is very unique and can be picky with how it behaves on the string. Anything is possible with the Aware but if your throw is less than perfect I have found that my Aware can be very difficult to actually play with. If you’re going for your first X3 go for one of their true performers. La Goutte or Steamroller…or honestly any X3 except for the Aware. Don’t get me wrong, as I said the Aware is a nice yoyo, I just feel the rest of the X3 line-up does a better job of show-casing why X3 is such an amazing company.


steamroller just came to me, and its unbelivable never seen such a stable yoyo tbh i used 888x be4 and its nearly same money level but with it i could braly do one fast skin the gerbil, and now… i can do 3 in row and then index grind… bless you x3

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La goutte all the way. Fun, light fast and floaty. Smooooooooth. Standard bearing and response. Grind finish if possible. I played one, and I want one real bad.


X3 is one of my favorite companies. All the throws are great, but this is how I rate them:
La Goutte> Zeus> Teh Yo> Aware> Steamroller> Stampede

The first 3 are some of the best throws made by any company IMHO. Amazing finish and bead-blast, very high quality.


I have both the La Goutee and the Zeus, and they are both extremely good yoyos.


Well the steamroller is really stable and concerning the sharp edges, it is not as bad as it looks like. It feels pretty comfortable in hand actually. For sure with a X3 Yoyo you will not be disappointed!


hi…I have an aware, and i have to say its one of the best looking yoyos ever made. It does have one or 2 things to note however. Grinding can be erm weird and tricky. But the stability and smoothness of the throw is fabulous. One or 2 people findit a tad responsive but i dont find that at all. Its definately unique…Probably a love it or hate it throw to many…I personally love it. I put a terrapin 10 ball in it and have hit 4 minute spin times in tests…Super quiet and smooth. The general yo majesty is deemed at super smooth…But its not as smooth as the aware…And spin times are shorter. Hope it helps


I got my La Goutte today, and it’s fantastic! Really something else :slight_smile:


the time has come to buy another x3 yoyo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: now i am thinking between Aware and La goutte, ofc aware “looks” better for me but one comment made me think about choosing it just by how it looks like

i am still a begginer in yoyoing so my throws are far for being perfect, is it actually that "bad’?


No. it’s certainly not bad, but not quite as stable as some other throws. It is quite a unique throw so I definitely wouldn’t write it off if you want something interesting.


and what do u think about Teh Yo ?


does any1 use Teh Yo?


ok no i have Teh Yo :stuck_out_tongue: and i am after few h of throwing it :stuck_out_tongue: it felt a bit strange a first but its normall for some1 who was using extra width yoyo and turen to extra narrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: now i kinda used to it and its gr8, i didnt think it will be better that steam in stability but it truly is, spins forver spike are fine but i have to get use to it couse currently i am afraid it will drill through my fingers :slight_smile: generaly another gr8 yoyo.