Am I the only one that loves the X3 Teh Yo?

So I recently acquired a X3 Teh Yo, and couldn’t find any reviews of the yoyo. I took that to mean that it would probably end up as a run of the mill throw. Man I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s super stable, even with may flaky throw. Is floats around on the string and has a huge catch zone that just about dare’s you to miss the string. It’s quickly moved into my top 3 right beside my chief and my code 2. Anybody else got some love for this throw?

I completely agree with your observation of the “Teh Yo”.

I bought one sale and was very pleased with it’s performance. I recommend it highly.
It’s my second X3 YoYo after the “Aware”, and it made me a fan of the brand.

Check one out if/when you have the opportunity.

La Goutte performs really well too. And the Zeus is a monster, but good luck finding one. It’s weird because I never hear people talk about X3.

La Goutte is still one of my favorite yoyos ever, need to track another one down. Also The Seed looks great, sad i missed buying the best colorway.

The Seed looks amazing too. If only the Galaxy colorway didn’t sell out so fast.

If you knew what a pain it is in France to get rid of an X3, and how insanely low we have to put their price, you’d be mad ;D

Why is that ?

Long story short, there’s been some tension here and a lot of people got rid of their X3 ::slight_smile:
Just some family argument, X3 make awesome yoyos, none can deny it

Weird. Not idea what happened, but i have nothing but positive comments about the Teh Yo. I’d recommend it in a second to anybody looking for something new. I’ll probably try to pick up some other X3 throws in the future.

I love X3. Teh Yo is great. You are not the only person that loves that throw or that company. La Goutte, after 2 years or so is still probably my favorite all around throw. I’ve had my Seed for one week now and while it is absolutely enormous it plays flawlessly and is very difficult to put down. X3 has never disappointed me. Great brand.

Well damn, now i’m curious. Always liked Xela and team, hopefully all is well.

I installed one of the YYF Gold Center Trak bearings in my Teh Yo and feel like I’m rediscovering it all over again…

That bearing really compliments this YoYo greatly !! Incredible spin time, which translates to great stability as well. This has become my new “Go-To” throw for the time being.

I highly recommend this YoYo to anyone,… especially with a premium bearing.

the Teh Yo is a great yoyo!
and it has 2 different feelings with a concave or a flat bearing! i personally perfer how it play with a flat bearing :slight_smile:

And for me all X3 throws are really great!!
and the Seed is for me the best yoyo they ever made!

I was so impressed with the Teh Yo, I picked up another X3 throw. I’ve heard good things about the seed, maybe I’ll get a third X3 throw.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY want one of those… It’s been on my wishlist for a while… I’ll get it this year sometimes… One of my goals for this year… That thing is sexy!!!