I am thinking about getting an x3 yoyo. In your guys opinion which one is the best and why?

I would say the la goutte. It is VERY stable, extremely smooth,and very light and floaty feeling. It also seems to be the only yoyo by X3 without an EXTREME shape that would not be ieal for contest. The Zeus being nearly 48mm in diameter, the stampede is nearly 51mm, and the La Goutte is only about 43mm.

Sweet. What would you recommend from C3?

From X3: La Goutte From C3: Di Base or DarkStar

I just got my La Goutte and I’m loving it! I’ve never been more happy with a yoyo even from the first throw. The open catch zone takes full advantage of the width while still being perfect for more technical tricks and slipping into tight segments of string. Don’t let the low weight fool you either. It moves as fast as your hands can go yet, it’s more stable than any other throw I own. If it tells you anything, I can do Haddock at least 5x on one throw.

La Goutte is the safest bet. oustanding performance and top of the line finish

Zeus, Stampede and Steamroller are less conventional to throw, being superwides, but also offer great performance and build quality.

Historically, SteamRoller and La Goutte are probably the most interesting to have as they represent, in my opinion, milestones for the brand.

I have a Di-Base, and I really love it. Or I would get a Berserker. I haven’t actually tried one yet, but they look really sick, I really want to try one.

from C3 I absolutely loved the winning bird and the H5 is one of my favorite throws. not a fan of the di base or darkstar, but they’re more floaty throws while I prefer the solid feel.

Tridents are epicly (is that a word?) awesome.

I love the x3 la Goutte. Really nice Yoyo, comes with 2 bearings and Graou string. Plus it’s limited edition

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