Best xcube yoyo?


If I wanted to buy an xcube, what should it be?


haven’t tried many, but I’ve heard that la goutte is supposed to be one of the most underrated and amazing throws ever


I’ve only tried the La Goutte, but it’s really nice. It’s much different because of its lighter weight and shape than most yoyos, and its fast too. Here’s my review on it:,46274.0.html


I’m trying to decide between the la goutte and stampede.


Depends if you want a light and fast throw or a more stable one. La Goutte is cheaper, though.


Tried my friend’s Stampede at a meet about a week ago and it’s surprisingly floaty and agile for something that size.



My favorite would be the stampede. If you are looking for an easy catch zone and something fast, floaty and smooth, go for the stampede. It was surprisingly light for me.


I didn’t try any of X cube yoyo but i heard la goutte is the fastest and aware is the smoothest
Hope this helps!


Not to “thread jack” or anything, but what do you guys think about the Aware?


I didnt like it that much. I felt like it was, rocky. I gave it a 3.5/5
It was smooth though.


I tried an aware, and it was really smooth. cool-looking too. played a bit funny, but fingre grinds were out of this world.


La Goutte is one of the best yoyos ever made in my opinion. I cannot say enough good things about that throw. Fast, smooth, stable, beautiful. Stampede plays crazy smooth and is the best finger grinding yoyo of all time.

I was mildly unimpressed with the Aware. It is my smoothest xcube, and probably my second smoothest throw, but I wish it was a little more stable. I don’t know. A lot of stability issues are in the throw from the thrower, I know, but compared to every other xcube it just doesn’t quite perform as well. But I still like it a lot.

You cannot go wrong with La Goutte or Stampede. They’re different but both complete winners and amazing. Go with your heart, whichever one you like more. You’ll love it.




yup. that blue and silver one.


Be nice if the La Goutte was still in stock.