Any thoughts about XCube's La Goutte ?

I’m thinking of getting one, but I haven’t found a single review

tried the proto then played with the production

this thing spins forever
extremely stable and offering very good performance

I’m broke right now or I’d have gotten one already. this is what I like about Xcube, is that, alright, they’re a bit pricey to begin with, but once you throw one, you realize they worth every penny, and then some more.

the idea behind the “La goutte” (the drop) is to build a yoyo for the competition, I think they did it right. it’s different than their previous releases, all while carrying the same quality and performance.

and really, it does spin for what seems like “forever”. you will not regret it if you get one.

I don’t know about the La Goutte, but I got the last Zeus and it really is amazing. It’s such a great yoyo. So if you could get your hands on one I really would recommend it.

Can you tell if it thunk at the end of the string ?
I have the Stampede and I don’t like it because it hit hard at the end of the string (+ it’s huge)


not “la goutte”, this one is all about performance and competition oriented play. it’s actually very different than all the other Xcube

The Zeus is very light and floaty actually.

Personally I don’t dislike the “Zeus”, but I believe it comes in a straight line from the Steamroller and the stampede “extreme” philosophy, while the “goutte” is more of a throw in the traditional sense, not built to be that “special” in terms of personality (althought it has that distinct Xcube quality and feel), but built only to perform as good as possible.

in these days of expensive throws that don’t always deliver, I think Xcube nailed it perfectly. they are indeed expensive, but once you get one of these and give it a spin, you know exactly where you money went.


Is it more floaty or more solid ?

I absolutely love it. One of my all time favorites. really a unique throw.

I’ve added some review notes and pics to my unboxing post at:
@Sniffyo on twitter

I particularly love how tight it is at the end of the string, it rolls out to the end as opposed to having a thunk. I’m using toxic atomic wonder string with it, which doesn’t have any bounce so a thunk would be pretty evident.
@Sniffyo on twitter