X Cube Aware

Any reviews?

How about putting all of your review questions in one thread?

The aware is rather of smal diameter (I think 52/53mm) and fairly light. it’s probably Xcube’s floatiest throw. It does spin well and smothly for a long time, it’s also very stable. It does not quite perform as well as “La goutte” which is probably xcube’s most competition oriented throw, but its performance is still more than enough so you can throw anything at it.

it’s also fairly good on finger grinds but you need to get accommodated with the shape. The team edition colorway is by far the nicest looking one, spinning or stopped.

like all Xcube, you’ll get what you pay for

is it smoother than DV888?

I would love to have a team edition. Do you know where I could find one?

It is significantly smoother than a DV888, but they are not comparable throws at all. The Aware is extremely unique in the world of yoyos. It feels like nothing else, but it also takes some getting used to. It is not forgiving on off balance throws and definitely takes some time to understand. It’s a great yoyo, it is very smooth, all X3 are, but be prepared for a mild learning curve.

They were fairly limited, I think only 3 shops had it and I think they’re sold out. I can look on european forums, if I find one I’ll let you know, they pop up every now and then.

Oh and the aware, for some obscure reason regarding its specs, is very good for 5A play, and also has a very unique feel in 5A, not disturbing the play at all, you can play with it like you would with any other throw, but it feels floatier than most throws you would use for 5A