X³ official thread

Hi friends !

The Steamroller is finally available in shops, X³ is already thinking ahead.

Here is the Stampede!


Wanna know more?

Also, after a short break, our Xtreme tuts are back; thanks Lapin, here is le Téléphérique.

Stay tuned!

Looks sick wish I could get the steam roller too that thing looked like a weapon! I think I sense a pattern of wide yoyos here…

Now that’s I’m talking about Graou! Looks very nice, I’ll HAVE TO try one of these :3

At first I thought it was a real cake.

Looks awesome.
i havent try any Xcube yoyos, but I really want to.

dentures included right? ;D

I hope the Xcube team comes to Worlds and brings some sample yoyos! I would love love love to try both the Steam Roller and the Stampede.

By the way, on your website, you say you’re discussing aesthetic details… I really don’t know how you could make this yoyo look much more amazing. The minimalism really works with that design for some reason. But hey, if you think it could look better, go for it. I’ll be very interested to see it. haha

Produced by Xcube, but conceived by the devil? :wink:


Scared to try it now… But still looks cool! Looks like you can do some nice thumb grinds with that lip.


but I like to know more about this yoyo.
such clean look.

Dude who had the tooth molds? I have a pair of my teeth moldings that keep my teeth whitening trays from going all mooshy.

Also the yoyo looks really sweet despite it’s demonic weight ;D

Tom kuhn’s a dentist. That why there’s teeth molds.


The Stampede

specs :

diameter (mm) : 55.91
width (mm) : 50.65
gap (mm) : 4.75
weight : 65.7g
bearing size (mm) : 6x13x5

Okay good it’s not really 66.6 grams. ;D

That thing is wide. . .
Man I’d like to try that.

Since that Graou entered the team, he supported X³ as no one, always here to give a hand, when I do not have time. He became in a way my right-hand man.

Some time ago, Graou announced me his desire for designing a yoyo.
He then asked some advices as for the software and the way to use them.
I hadn’t too much time ahead at this moment, I then just gave him hints onto the quotations, and he really learnt alone.
As a collector and a player, he has a very good appreciation of the various shapes, and of the effect of weight distribution, when talking about playability.
2 weeks hardly after having received my first tips, Graou asked me if I could check his work. Surprise!
I was astonished by the quality of its job. No modification of the design was necessary!
I let you imagine his surprise when I told him, ten minutes after seeing his design,
"Let’s produce it !!!”

This yoyo, it is the Stampede.

I have just told you a piece of the story, I think that it’s time for Graou to tell the whole story!

Hard to tell the story of the Stampede …

Everything has begun with a drawing done on a loose sheet of paper, one day when I was sick at work, because of the fever ensuing from a nice flu… I began by thinking of dimensions, trying to imagine my ideal throw, X ³ style.

I’m not a very good player, it needed a huge catch zone. Curves, for an organic shape. Wide, ‘cause wide is good! Full size, like my first love : the Peak. Stable, with a spin time allowing long combos.

The drawing suited me, I decided to show it to Xela, just for kidding. But he hasn’t laughed; in no way.

  • “Interesting”, he says.
    " You now have to draw it in 3D "

I knew nothing about this … I indeed had an idea of the software to be used, but I didn’t know how to use them for all that. I got ready to laugh at it, when Alex says to me: " If you go up to the end, I offer you the proto ". What?!? OK, ‘till the end.

" The Flu " project, in memory of the fever which had inspired me. First sketches on a light software, I fast had to go into high gear, with a real 3D software. I harassed Xela to have hints; the answers which he gave did not satisfy me. Was he laughing at me? He wanted in fact that I learn by myself.

Several hours of work later, I felt satisfied with my work. I had respected all of his indications, the dimensions suited me, the form also; I took a deep breath and showed my work, ready to take the criticisms.

And there: " Well, it is not bad! OK, I order the protos! " What, already? What if I had made a mistake? Was it a lame joke?. No, some weeks later, he tells me to have received the protos … I was overexcited. I asked him not to test it before me. This time, he laughed at me! In the evening, I had a message: " there’s a problem with the Flu, call me. ". Back to earth, it was only a dream … Feverish, I call him; what was the problem, how to resolve it? " Hum, the issue is that it’s good. We HAVE TO produce it! " Bastard … He almost killed me.

The rest was a common work of all the team. Reflection on the name; it couldn’t keep this name, it is far from being a disease! (even if it’s a sick throw ^^ ). Its play had inspired the name of Behemoth. We worked around this name a good moment, before knowing that this name was already taken (thank you, Ben from the FYYA :wink: ). The chosen imaging pleased us in all, we had to find another name which evoked the same character, by keeping its universe we had in mind.

Let there be the Stampede …

I would to thank publicly Xela, who believed in me, supported me, guided me. Without him, it will still be only a drawing on a sheet of paper.
Thank you also team X ³. Fascinating players, ready to work at creating fabulous things.
Thanks to all the players who will honour me with playing with Stampede. Have fun!

I am very impressed with the yoyo and even more impressed by the story behind it. X seems like a really great company, and more so all the time. Thanks for sharing, Graou.

Reminds me of a wider Battosai

cool story behind the stapede.
i have bee working on designing yoyo for sometime now, still saving up for prototyping :’(.