X³ official thread

Hi friends !

Maybe have you heard about the amazing SteamRoller ? (You don’t? Check this!)

If so, you’re probably willing to know more about this strange design, about the brand who created it, about its future…

(click me!)

I so have the pleasure to welcome you on the official X³ website!

Expect on regular basis new vids, contests, tuts, hot news about next release(s) and so many more! Maybe a new Team Member soon. Who knows…

X³ is the first French brand, and we’re proud of it! No throw bounce like a froggies’ one :wink: !

As a Development Team Member and as the official spokesman of X³, it will be my pleasure to answer your questions about X³.

Let’s talk!

what website? and also, any new designs being planned?

Come on, guys! Be curious, click on the logo!

I love the idea and shape of the Steamroller :slight_smile:

Nice Work.

I’ve been pretty interested by the SteamRoller since I saw it. Are there any plans to bring some of them to USA contests (particularly East-coast contests like MAR… hahaha)? I’d love to be able to try it.

Also, like LookAYoYo, I’m wondering what other designs you’re planning to make. Like, are they gonna be all strange and out-of-the-ordinary, or do you have some more conventional stuff in mind?

i’ll try to sponsor some event latter, maybe USA contests!
i hope so.
the next design will be more conventional but still out-of-ordinary :wink:


Graoustring review by Throwgoon:


someone told me that the steamroller will come with a Graoustring…

How much in usd


About $104

Steamroller :Captured:

Hi Guys.

Will you be able to perform all the X³treme tricks? Stay tuned, one new every week!

We’re starting slowly, hang in there!

Also, if you like collector’s item, special treatment, keep an eye on our facebook’s page. X³tremely limited!

Merry Christmas to all!!!

X cube would like to warmly welcome its new member : Toonz!

An amazing french player and also our beloved web designer.

Keep an eye on our website or on facebook for news vids and some anodized goodness…

Dear friends,

The sales of Steamroller will be suspended some days, the time for us to take holidays, from January 06 till 16.

The first run being almost sold out, the orders will be handled in order of arrival from January 17th. A message will warn you of its validation.

Hurry up, it soon will be too late!

The Steamroller seems to be a pretty popular throw from anyone who has tried one. I hope to get my hands on one of these soon.

Hi all !

We recently have some awesome news, at X³!

First, I’d like to welcome LauP in the Team. Amazing player, and also our skilled designer!
Expect more of its work with our future releases.

I’d also like to thank Chris at YoyoSkills for its hilarious review of the Steamroller, and Tomymoonly for its crazy pictures. Nicely done !

And don’t forget the contest we’re supporting, a great opportunity.

People, make room for the second run of Steamroller, you won’t like to miss it….

Epic week…

EYYC 2011 is approaching, sweet vid for the YoyoZ contest, and a beautiful gift from the spanish players…

Many thanks, stay tuned!!!

Well, it seems Xela didn’t come back from EYYC 2011 alone, he returned with two new Team members!

Welcome to Ixbalam, a wonderful player (man, you’re awesome! It urges me to meet you :wink: ) and to TomyMoonly, our new media-man!

More to come, stay tuned!

What? Another Team member??? Yes!!!

Welcome to our youngest member (he will be so pleased to be introduce as being our youngest ;D !), Hatos!

Hi all !

This might have been unnoticed, which is a shame for such a great video ! Enjoy Steamroller grinds EYYC 2011.

Also, we’ve got a brand new X³ board! Come and say Hi, ask about the Steamroller and X³ and see some exclusive pics of the 2nd run… :wink:

Stay tuned!