steamroller yoyo?

I mean i saw the Steamroller and immediately fell in love with it. I am not even sure if they’re released yet. if so where can i buy one? And also What is manufacturer?

Thanks will be given to anyone with useful info!!! :slight_smile:

as far as I know it’s french, limited run. I can look into it for you

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It would be very much appreciated if you did :slight_smile:

dude PM xela he know all about it man :wink:

I haven’t read anything official but it does look like a unique throw to say the least… Xela is supposedly the Designer so shooting him a PM or Email would probably be the best way to go about it. If you find something out why not post here with what you found out so we can all (me) look into one. :smiley:

Xela is on yye? well i haven’t seen him on the site so far. how do i find him on here? and of course once or if i get the info i will share it with everybody!

go to the members page right next to the chat button and go to X, or search xela on the forum search bar

do that, I’ll send him a pm on french forum to make sure he gets to read yours here

the word is passed

in case you are still wondering, xela is the distrubutor of the steam roller, i asked him and he said it was 79 euros or 112 USD + shipping which is problably going to be another $10 for international, i myself have empty pockets, and a full yoyo case so unless i can sell some stuff, looks like i’ll only be window shopping

Steamroller by Xcube. Alexandre Valin aka Xela is the designer. They are also releasing the Stampede soon, which is designed by Matthieu Marechal aka Graou :slight_smile: The Stampede is also extremely wide and stable as the Steamroller, but it’s bigger and has a different shape.
(I’m posting this in case anyone who is searching this up needed the info)


you can win won if you get 2nd place in the rethink yoyo tutorial contest :slight_smile:

Or yoyo nation has them for like 130 I think.