X3 Seed?

These seem to be selling well. Haven’t heard much from buyers. You guys enjoying the Seed? Really love Riccardo’s tricks on Instagram so thinking i might grab one here soon, even though it’s a touch on the heavy side for me. How’s it feel on the string?

I have a Seed and I’ve played with it quite a bit. It’s large, I mean it really is very large. It doesn’t play heavily and it moves through the air very well, but it does have a bit of heft. I don’t really know how to describe how it plays. X3 did a very nice job of making an oversized throw play very smoothly and very uniquely. It spins and spins and spins and spins and spins. It can grind for years. In my opinion it is absolutely a worthwhile purchase but be prepared for the size. It makes all other throws, including my H5 and my Superwide, seem like Mighty Fleas…

It plays nice, but it’s size is just too problematic, get in way too often.

I just got one ill report back;))