After some research, Questions about the seed

After help from most of you i think ive decided between 2 yoyos, the puffin 2, or even puffin if i can even find one to buy D: and also the seed, i know the puffin you will all approve of, but what about the the seed? I really like it and it seems perfect for wut i attend on doing, i watch some videos by the Riccardo Fraolini and it seemed to fit what i want to accomplish. What do you think?

Still looking for some help! Im feeling very anxious!

I haven’t thrown the seed so far, but it will be the next yoyo i’m gonna buy. I’ve heard, it plays quite similar to the ZeuS and if i compare profile and specs, this seems reasoable to me. the ZeuS is my favorite yoyo by far. It’ s very stable and can forgive sloppy throws. It is not the fastest yoyo, it’s more for a kind of relaxed style of playing. I can imagine, the seed is even a bit slower because it’s bigger in all dimensions. Of course you can play it fast if you push it a little, but if you want to play really fast like asian competition style for example, i’d rather would recommend the puffin.

Sorry that i can’t give more information. But i hope, this helps a little.

Oh ya! i see how they can be similar, im defiantly looking for a nice and slow easy going yoyo if that makes sense, i think sense its so hard to get a puffin 1 or 2, i might just got for the seed. :smiley: