Xcube Seed

Does anyone have experience with the Xcube Seed? What’s it like? How does it compare to other extra-wide throws, like the Stampede?

semi on topic, whats up with riccardo having this sig yoyo, while he seems to be tight with the clyw crew?

this was his sig while he was Sponsored by X-Cube.

He’s since no longer on the X-Cube team and is now on the CLYW team.

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This is my absolute favorite yoyo

It’s not for everybody
It’s VERY big. Not just width but diameter as well

For a big, fun yoyo I don’t think you can get much better (at least in my opinion)


Totally agree with you. You cannot get much better. That being said, once you get used to its size it’s rather amazing. Makes playing with standard size throws, even “bigger” competition throws feel like they’re little babies. After I play with this thing, when I pick up a Marmot or an 888 or something I can FLY with that undersized throw!

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Thanks for the comments so far.

Also, I’m wondering how does the Seed grind? I read that the X Cube Stampede is one of the best yoyos out there for grinds. How does the Seed stack up?

Same, It looks good, but is it really?

It is amazingly good. Slick, smooth, stable. The machine work is first rate. The Colorways look really nice in person. And the finish is almost slippery. I think the Stampede grinds a little better; but I honestly think it has more to do with the shape than any other factor. The shape of the Stampede almost seems like it was specifically designed for grinding( I doubt that was the plan; but it turned out that way, regardless).

If… You don’t really lean towards wiiiider(52) yoyos or larger diameters(58); than the Seed will probably not thrill you. But even if you don’t care for larger throws; if there is any chance you might change your mind; the Seed will change you views on larger throws.

It is not good for what I call ‘tricks in a box’.(where your style is to keep you hands no more that 12 inches apart) and punch out a bunch of tricks in a compact space(like JD in the old days).

But if you throw a more open style… Longer string/side style/flowing tricks; the Seed is the Beeze knees!
Xcube makes amazing yoyos as a regular practice: The La Goutte, the Stampede, the Zeus, the Aware, the Teh Yo; they are all distinctively different but Excellent in certain ways.

I personally am not normally a large Yoyo fan; but Xcube yoyos are just ‘that good’ and the Seed is a Player and a Keeper.

PS. And the Price <> 110 bucks? I know that’s not peanuts. But seeing how some of the other metals are going for 130, 140, 150 and up; the Seed is a very good value.


Thanks for the excellent response! I’m now trying to decide between the Seed and the Stampede. I realize that the Stampede is slightly narrower at 50.5mm and more rounded at the rims, but do they play very differently? If you could choose only one, which would it be?