X³ official thread

Hi all !

Lots of news down here.

The sun is (almost) everywhere, you guys enjoy doing some nice vids. Thanks for sharing! Here is Stampede grinds Nantes by Xela, Stampede in the Wind by TomyMoonly, BR41NW4SH! By Ricardo Meli, some test throws by Ernest Khan, Street Arts Meeting and Koln Festival by Hadoq, Stampede in Kalanti and Yoing in Finland by Alfredo Mascali.

Wow, thanks a lot to all of you, guys!!!

We’ve also got the GYYA BurninBerlinOpen 2011, another vid’ from the EYYM 2011 by Alfredo Mascali and the 2011 Sopron International Yo-Yo Contest.

We are very happy for our friend Kyle at ReThink Yoyo. His tutorial contest was a success, with 72 entries! Congrats to him, check out the results!

Finaly, here at X³, we want to welcome and introduce you our new Team member, Anthony “Snake” Destremx! Welcome, my friend!

Stay tuned!

Some excellent news, here !

Congrats to Ricardo Meli, 1st of the GYYA 2011… with a Stampede! Thanks for your trust.

X³ was also a sponsor of EHYYC 2011, here are the results, thanks to YoyoRaven.

Last but not least, X³ is proud to present to you a Limited Edition of the Stampede, "the StEampede”! Limited to 15 pieces, already available.


Stay Tuned!

What a great story, GRAOU. Sorry it took me so long to respond. Have a lots of catching up to do in the forums. I think you and Xela share a great story. Congrats on the company1

That must of been one hell of a FLU to inspire you to make the Stampede!


Thanks a lot, Roo. I’m very curious in trying both Decapod and Wet Whistle :wink: .

Lots of news, take a deep breath!

First, we are proud to sponsor many cool contests or events : the 14th German YoYo Masters , the Touch My YoYo Contest and the Spanish YoYo Contest 2011!

Then, so many cool vids featuring X³ throws : X³ grinds Milwaukee and X³ Stampede by Ryan DEMBIEC; Bye Bye Normandia, featuring Aldur and Sigmar, from the France YoYo Association; Ixbalam grinds Stampede, by Ixbalam TAPIA; Caterpillar, by Alexandre VALIN (who the hell is that guy??? :idiot2: )…

Let’s not forget the freestyle from Clément BERTAUX, at worlds!!!

Finally… Jason WONG do us the honor to anodize a very small batch of Stampede! Still, a surprise, but here is what he did for Alex and I :

If you want to see amazing stuff, go check his website : Loaded Yoyos

Stay tuned!

Where to start?

First, I’d like to thanks Ettore “Mr B!ST” Ferro for THE MASTERPIECE : the Stradiroller! So amazing…


We also have some gorgeous vids : X³ Macadam, by the X³ Team and friends (Toonz, Snake, LauP, Pol0 and Xela) and X³ Stampede promo by SYBLOG and Darrell Mitchell! Special thanks to Grzegorz Wójcik who recently joins the OneDrop Team (congrats!) for its Aeroyo Video Battle Entry with a Stampede!

As usual we’re proud to sponsor contest all around the world, but this one as a special meaning to us as its the Championnat de France 2011 !!!

Finally, remember that we promised you some loaded Stampede, from Jason Wong? Here they are!


Two of them are getting to Alex and I (no shame at all ^^ ), two others are getting to contests as prize so, two only are left to be sold. So…

Stay tuned!

We have the results and some vids from the German YoYo Masters and from the CEYY2011. Congrats to Ixbalam who is now the 1A Spanish Champion!

We also have some cool vids to share : Machanie #1 by Adrian KONIECKI and Protest by Ricardo MELI. Thanks to them!

We want to thank Yannick “Azalgroth” GIRAUD, from yoyo-france.net, for his wonderful mod : Stampede acid.

Last but not least, our big news : we have five protos to reveal. Some are ready, some are in the testing area. We will reveal one each week…

Today, fear the wrath of ZeuS!

Stay tuned…

darn it, i was gonna design a yoyo just like this, as my companies first yoyo

It can’t be the same! do it!

it looks titanium!

Hi all!

We have the results of our French Nats! What an epic moment. Congrats to Anthony “Snake” DESTREMX (1st), Paul “LauP” Régnier (2nd) and Clément “Hatos” BERTAUX (3rd)!. You guys rule!!!

We have announced our politic of designing, here are the changes.

As promised, we have released our second proto : the Aware. Let us know what you think of it.

Finally, we will present you the story of the ZeuS. But, instead of a link towards our website, I prefer to let Xela explained it to you.

Stay tuned!

ZeuS is a concept that I have in mind for a long time.

The idea was to place the weight in 4 points, and to adjust those points according to the desired playability.
I called that afterward the ZS shape. Why?

Here is the sectional shot of the Zeus that emphasizes the ZS shape; we can clearly see the S shape on top. Imagine the other half, you’ll get the Z and you’ll see the ZS.

I annotated these 3 points, by considering the bearing system as the 4th point.
My idea was to move these points and to vary their diameter, in order to adjust the distribution of weight at best.After several questions and several designs, looking for the ideal repartition that will suit my style, ZeuS was born.

The proto is perfect for me, still extreme shape, extreme spin and what seems to be the most stable of our yoyos to this day . Contrary to what some people may think, this yoyo is not heavy, its 66 grams towards its volume, confers a sensation of lightness.

It is not said that the concept of the ZeuS will be the only one. The ZS collection?

Hi Friends.

X³ was a proud sponsor of the MYYB in Hungary and we would like to congratulate the new 1A champ., Vilmos Zoltan Kiss!

Also, here our third proto from five, the Resonance.

Wait… What’s this?

Stay tuned!

After Xela told the story of the ZeuS, it’s my turn to speak about the Aware.

The Aware was born for the first time just after Stampede. I had sharp forms in minds, contrary to my first design. Points, angles… When I showed this design to Xela, least that I can say is that he was not enthusiast. I have to say that I understood him, being myself not completely satisfied; but I knew that I was chasing something good.

A few months later, I took back the plans. I decided to run only a single idea, rather than having several irons in the fire! An empty hub, blank, a yoyo where the distribution of the masses would be made outside and not inside.

What here is thus what has succeeds in the Aware. An inverted work, in a way, because I have for habit to define at first the general shape, and to place then the masses according to the wished play. There, I drew at first this empty hub, and placed my masses all around, obtaining something unconventional, but interesting. Xela agreed. The Aware was born.

As for the name, it is about a private joke which a few Inhabitants of Nantes will understand…


Once again, lots of news!

X³ was a proud sponsor of the Winter Freestyle Competition 2 (here are the vid’ and the results), of the Magyar Yo-Yo Bajnokság 2011 (here are the results). We also have the results of the Italian Nats.

One of our team member, Tomymoonly, is also a modder : see his amazing last work, a Tribute to Ettore! Wonderful…

Remember the Bull Stampede?

The last two are available; if you want them…

After ZeuS, Aware (do you have read its story?), Resonnance, here are the Trainee and La Goutte. Be ready…

And, if you want one for free, OK. You can win one of our newest throw with our “Play with old stuff, Win new stuff!!! Video Contest” . First one get a ZeuS. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s some action of it : ZeuS in action!

Talking about ZeuS, it’s ready… Extremely limited, be ready to get yours!

Stay tuned…

As usual, some exciting news here!

We have some very good videos to show you; first, our friend Riccardo Blanchard is in France for a few days and he stop by to say Hi : R-special in Paris! Our national champion, Anthony “Snake” Destremx made a quick video to show the potential of our new yoyo : La Goutte in action!!!

Yes, La Goutte is ready and is hitting the stores right now. 200 models individually numbered, five delicious colors, 2 bearings (flat and concave), a Graou String. What more could you ask for?

A free la Goutte? OK, let’s do it : new Lucky Number Contest will start soon! Have your Stampede ready :wink: .

And if you still encounter troubles with our tight bearings, we have the solution : X³ tools! Perfect for metric and C size bearings.

We hope to meet you during the EYYC 2012, that we’re proud to sponsor! You’ll be able to try TEH YO … yes, it’s a new proto! Slim is good…

Stay tuned!



Aw those look so nice! :o

May I say, the La Goutte is simply one of the absolute best I’ve thrown. It is so unique and solid, easy to land and the bearing is dipped in magic.

@Sniffyo on twitter

Well, seems like I have been away for a decade… Tons of news here !

Let’s start with some vids : From Light comes Darkness by Emmanuel GABRIEL, One Year, One Hand by R-Special, Did you remember the Stampede? and ZeuS in action by Ixbalam TAPIA, La Goutte unboxing by SNIFFY, some tuts by Frank “Rage” ORBEN, from ILYY : Red Triangle to Double GT - Mr Pink, Soiled Panties and from the EYYC 2012, La Goutte in action, with Quentin GODET and Ricardo MELI.

Talking about the EYYC 2012, it was a blast! Awesome players, awesome people, awesome place. Here are the results, congrats to Grzegorz “PLAMEK” Wójcik!!! And here are the vids form the team : Anthony DESTREMX, Ixbalam TAPIA and Riccardo FRAOLINI.

Oh, did I forgot to tell you? Riccardo is now a Team Member! Welcome to him!!!

And a huge and warm welcome to Rubén Ortíz “Morapio” Fernández too!!! An incredible graphic designer, and skilled player… Logo, engravings, expect more of his incredible work soon :wink: .

Our “Play with old stuff win new stuff” contest received many entries, here they are. You can see the results right here. Congrats to Ricardo MELI, Rémi PORTE and JuanMari OTAZO!!!

Also, we’re amazed that our Win a La Goutte - Lucky Number contest has a second drawing… Don’t you guys want a free La Goutte? ;D

We’re gifted with the friendship of very talented guys, such as Ettore FERRO who did this awesome job on a Stampede

Or such as our own modder, Thomas “Tomymoonly” CAYES, with his “Micropede”. (can’t wait to try it, Tomy :wink: !)

Not a mod, but we have a second version of the Resonance. Which version do you prefer?

Finally, we are proud to be a sponsor of the California State Yoyo Championship 2012!!! Sadly, we won’t be there…

Stay tuned!

I’m having an amazing time playing La Goutte for my review. It’s really a stunning and unique throw.

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