X^3 Steamroller

Anyone know of a site with Steamrollers in stock? Any good remarks on this throw?

It’s a great grinder. Litterally got a 10 second finger grins on it. But don’t just throw it down to get bind it back up. I HURTS!!! Awesome spin times, can go through any trick you throw at it, a really great yoyo. :slight_smile:

one of my favorite throws, there still are a few ones out there, but obviously, I can’t link you to another shop on here.

I didn’t even think about that lol. I don’t wanna get anybody on trouble.

if you must link to another shop, do it via pm.

@big cat
the steamroller grinds forever too? I’ve tried a stampede, and I’ve also gotten like 10 second finger grinds from it. I dunno how they do it, but they’re obviously doing something right with their finish.

Yeah, it’s amazing what super wide yoyos can do for grinds! You know what I realized? The Stampede isn’t technically “super wide”. Its’ width is smaller than its’ diameter. :slight_smile:

the steamroller also has great grids, but the stampede is another animal when it comes down to it.

I really don’t compare the steamroller to other superwide throws, it’s really not in the same league at all

found a place where you could get one, pm’d

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You should look at the Stampede. They are more widely available and considered a much better sophomore release from X3.

There are a ton of special editions available to.