Acrylic Steamroller

Has anyone else tried an acrylic steamroller? I have and its amazing! It feels really light and fast, the width helps on lots of tricks, and it is a piece of art!

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never tried one, only 3yo3 i tried is the cosmo, acrilion and colabricon, also a bassline.
I guess all 3yo3 is a piece of art… just saying.

hehe, it actually was my idea to begin with. I’m a huge fan of the OG steamroller and I asked Landon if he could make me an acrylic one. We started to discuss it with Xela and decided to make a small run of it.

I love how it plays, it’s not a performer like a metal throw, but for an acrylic, it’s as good as it gets.

here’s my tribute vid to the Steamroller

1A is the Team Edition
5A is the acrylic Steamroller



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You can’t buy it yet T-T.

there was a very small run already, I’m advocating to make more, it’s not really under my control but I believe there will be some more, probably not lots of em, but some. can’t really say as I don’t know the details here.

bottom line, I wanted one, I have it. and I think it’s a throw worth having if you like either 3yo3 or Xcube

Any word on delrin steamrollers?

nope, it was never mentioned. personally I’m not a big fan of the idea, not a big fan of delrin actually. I liked the crucial tres leches, the Kamui was nice too in 4A. but that’s about the only 2 delrin throws that I liked. although I like the idea of a white yoyo that’s not molded plastic

His username is 3YO3 on yoyoexpert. He will make you a steamroller for 100$ if you PM him.

I bought mine via email with Alexandre Valin (Xela) from Xcube. (Super nice guy!)