How good do u think the X-ConVict is. I’m ordering either this or the hitman.
And yes I would say they are my 2 favorite yo-yos even though I have never used them. :frowning:

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #2

It really is a personal preference but I would choose the X-Convict.


I love it, but the KK bearings won’t fit mine. But it is REALLY worth it.


KK bearings are tight in my X-ConVict, but they do fit.
I got it after trying the Speeder (Hybrid) so that I could try out the double o-ring. It’s too responsive for me, but it’s a good weight. I’m now on a BvM and finding it perfect. I also liked the Legacy much more than the X-ConVict, but it’s very unresponsive. I found the Journey and the X-ConVict had a similar feel - even though the Journey is lighter. It might be a cheaper way to find out if that’s what you want in your response - I wish I’d tried the plastic speedmaker first =)


Good advice. :slight_smile: