x-Convict Sleep Time

What how muck is the X-Convict sleep time ?
I Want to buy one …
If I play with it much how much sleeper it should have ?

It very important that we move past that question as yo-yoers. Spin time is an important aspect in this hobby, but the x-factor in that equation is all about you.

Pretty much all modern ball-bearing yo-yos have the capability of sleeping longer than an infant with a toothache. The X-conVict is no exception, and you’ll be very happy with it!

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I heard that the sleep time was really good. and maybe spin time is important to some people so let them ask.

The way I measure is with tricks…so I estimate maybe about one and whut and two hourglasses?

It shouldn’t be important.

Most ball bearing yoyos can get me through all my tricks.

It depends on your throw, and that makes all the difference. It will spin long enough to do anything you throw at it if you have a good throw.

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I suggest you restate the post Tupchy. Don’t ask how long it sleeps, ask you long you’ve gotten it to sleep. If you have a G5 you must have gotten past this question…no? Apparently not.

Agreed. Spin times depend all on your throw, it is different for everyone.

And he did ask. Now we’re answering him by telling him that sleep time doesn’t matter with ball bearing yoyos. There is also no formula or anything for finding “sleep time.”

yes your throw will increase spin time if its a good throw

It’s all in the throw. ;D


Actually, not really. If you are looking to setting a new sleep time record, just a slight change in the yoyo could affect everything, whether it has a bearing.(a few seconds could make all the difference)

If you want to set a new record, you don’t get a regular 1a yoyo. You get a yoyo made to beat the record like the BK2.

But most of us are nowhere near being able to set a new sleep record, so only a few seconds won’t really matter. Especially if that means spending an extra $10.

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What you say is true, but we’re not talking about sleep-time records. We’re talking about regular 'ol play. And honestly, those who are up to break the sleeper record wouldn’t be asking what yo-yo to use, lol.

I am not so impressed with the sleep of a x-con

Then you need a better throw.


I’ll tell you my clocked sleep time once I record it. :slight_smile:

I slept for nine and a half hours last night, though technically I’ve never been convicted of anything.

What? I don’t get it! :stuck_out_tongue: