My X-Convict

My X-Convict sleeps for 5:10 seconds. Is that good? If not, how can I improve it?

The fact that you timed it for that long…Nevermind.

Can you do some tricks? Then yes.

Yes that’s very good

Do you mean 5 min and 10 seconds or 5 to 10 seconds?

No, he means 5 hours 10 minutes… Lol

No, I’m pretty sure he means 5 minutes 10 seconds.

5 minutes 10 seconds

that’s really good

I never knew a yoyojam bi metal can spin that long.

Pretty good, pretty good.

@yoyospirit: It can if you believe, of course! ::slight_smile:

NO. But seriously, just get a good throw, and yes it is very possible.

That’s really good if you can do tricks on it, not just spinning it for a hell of a time. I’ve reached 5:29 on it! :slight_smile:

if with a really good throw like that will other bi-metal like dm or hitman sleep like that?

Yes you can get a mosquito to sleep that long if you have a good throw.

yeah, 5:47 with DM (KK bearing)!!! ;D

5 minutes and 10 seconds STOCK BEARING! I really want to go for 6!