WYYC 2016

Has anyone else noticed that not many European throwers are registered for Worlds? Is this because of Brexit or something else? Maybe they just don’t like the States! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe they dont like being on plane 10 hours :open_mouth:

or maybe it’s just harder to get into the country and it’s not worth the effort for them. Although, I am very disappointed in the numbers this year.

It’s probably got to do with money more than anything…

Pretty typical for a World YoYo Contest in the US. The host always gets the best turnout. Only 44 US players made it to Japan last year, and barely any Europeans.

This is why the contest moves now…to give every region a chance to shine. :slight_smile:

That makes sense…I did want to meet matous tomes and a few others though…

Reasons like this give me a reason to ask my parents/grandparents to take me to Iceland next year. :wink:

Notice how U.S. boys when the contest in Europe and Asia. :smiley: This would be like the triple crown!

It’s question of money, but in different way. For example, almost 20 people from Czech Republic itself went to worlds last year. Because it was in Japan!!(and you could easily put it together with other countires for long amazing trip). This year only Peter Kavka made it to Worlds. Rest of us is sitting here,s aving money for Iceland and for Asia in 2018(which can be huge!!!).

2018 in Asia? seems like I could finally go to one, it has been a dream.

Do any companies pay for their sponsored players to travel?

According to what I read in this forum, seems like CLYW and YYF do, not 100% sure though. If it’s true, I believe some others should also do.