WTS Diorama, Ditch, Koi, Alpha Steel // WTT Collapsar // LF Overture, brass sfx, MSG

F&F preferred and first class shipping included in prices. Message if you want more pics or a more detailed lowdown on a particular yoyo.

Alpha Steel - minor scuffs, no box, some vibe, KK bearing - $40

2WEI - several small dings, ILYY pouch, fingernail vibe, CT bearing - $80 TRADED

Koi - no damage, with box/sticker, minor fingernail vibe, CT bearing - $40

Assassin - tiny ding/scratch, no box, minor fingernail vibe - SOLD for $70

Mowl Q - white marks on rims, with pouch/box, fingernail vibe, CT bearing - SOLD for $40

Deep State - not for sale

Sistine Thief - no damage, minor ano flaw, no box, smooth, CT bearing - $30

Nagel Diorama - no damage, with box, smooth, OD 10-ball bearing - $85

Ditch - mint, with box/pin - $40

TP Collapsar - 2 tiny marks near response, no pouch, fingernail vibe, your choice of cleaned KK or CT bearing - would like to trade for a TP MSG in similar condition.

I am primarily looking to sell most of my stuff, but I am interested in the following items and will trade in your favor or buy:

Copper-plated Parlay
Brass side effects


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