***$165 BUNDLE (Cascade, Yeti, Dietz)***7 BEARINGS $25 (Terrapin, CTX, KK)***

Paypal only. I’m mostly looking for money at the moment, but wants were added. Asking prices include shipping within the U.S.A. only, and while my prices are pretty fair, they are negotiable. I am making room for new throws, and am not too desperate to sell.

Silver first run (ONLY) Chief
Marmot 2

7 Bearings - $25 with yoyo, $45 SHIPPED
Ceramic Terrapin X Wing Cut
3 KKs
3 CTX’s

Bundle - Cascade, Yeti, and Dietz - $165 SHIPPED
Only selling these together. DON’T ask about buying separately. That’s $55 per yoyo!


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You need pics.


Triton so sexy, im not worried about the dings :slight_smile:

How much for the yeti