Close Please (all sold)


The time has come to move on to something new so my all of my throws are going up for sale. Every yoyo is in mint condition with no vibe. I am not looking for trades and will take paypal only. If the yoyo has a box it will be in the pic. All prices include priority shipping with tracking. Prices may be slightly negotiable. None of these are in production anymore to my knowledge. And some are quite rare. I have spent a lot of time and money to collect these so please no lowballs as I know the value. I am not looking to get rich here but I am pricing with the mind set that you can no longer find these anywhere else. Enjoy
Also will be throwing in tons of string and stickers.
Yeti $65-----sold
Artic circle $80
Wooly marmot $155-------marmot sold
Chief $120--------sold
Avalanche -----sold$90
Puffin $120-----sold
Bonfire $125-----------sold
Cliff $100-----sold
Gnarwal $110---------------sold
Glacier express -----sold$90
Sasquatch $130---------sold
Bassalope $150-------------------sold
Bear vs man 2 $125-------sold
Gravy boat canvas $185------------sold

Original Yeti----sold


Hulk smash sasquatch…sold




Bear vs man round 2------sold


Glacier Express yogi colorway-------sold


Artic Circle Burnt orange $80 shipped


Puffin Nightingale-----sold


Avalanche Nebula-----sold






1 of 10 Gravy Boat Canvas--------sold
My favorite




1st run Wooly marmot…sold


Space Blizzard Chief-----sold




Many still left offer up.


Your name will make sense now :smiley:




Bumper Boats


Private Message sent.