Collection Slimming BST: RecRev, Duncan, Gsquared, OD, Kendamas! + More

Got a few things for sale/trade! If your interested in something please message me and I’m sure we can work out a deal. I do prefer to sell and have specific wants I would consider trading for. If you want more info on condition or extra pictures let me know and I’ll get those to you. I’m fairly easy to deal with and will cut major discounts on multiples being bought. All prices are OBO as well.

Flipside- White/black caps ($18 shipped)
Classic ($7 with another yoyo or $12 shipped)

FHZ- Black/raptor caps, stock ($15 shipped)
FHZ- Green/black caps, silicone recessed ($20 shipped)
Alpha Crash ($18 shipped)
OG Hitman-($24 shipped)
Would sell them all the plastics together for $60 shipped

Metropolis-three super tiny marks, smooth ($30 shipped)
Metropolis- White PC, smooth as well ($35 shipped)

Albatross- Cool Waters, mint and dead smooth ($85 shipped)
Silly Goose- Nickel, mint, smooth. On the fence about selling it ($70 shipped)
Dang- Nickel, near mint, smooth as butter ($70 shipped)
TFL- Blue ano PC, smooth and plays well ($55 shipped)
Majesty V2- Blue PC, Smooth, plays amazing ($80 shipped)
2012 Supernova- Gold Sand PC, near mint, tiny vibe ($50 shipped)
Cascade- Gold/Sandy PC, tiny vibe, still a great player and looks rad. ($50 shipped)
2012 Supernova- Purple ano PC, Smooth, plays really well ($60 shipped)
Genesis ± Violet PC, Super smooth, amazing player ($70 shipped)

Here is also my YYJoker Double Joker: Gold PC that looks and plays amazing. This is an amazing mid sized yoyo and deserves to shine in another collection. Doesn’t get the play it derserves. $85 shipped

All the PC was done by user Jupdyke****

Tiwalker (I will trade very well for one of these*** I have more stuff as well for an offer of one)
Galaxy Proton (will trade nicely for)
Rare or Cool Fh2’s
Titanium throws
New Genesis (Pink)
Crazy-D (not the Blue ones though)
A-tack Kendamas
Klack Kendamas
Blue or purple splash H.O.T
New Superstar (Gold)
Chico MME
Werrd Tre
Werrd IronyJP 2K13


Sweets stained tama on KM Ken- $16 shipped
Matte blue tama on KM Ken- $19 shipped
Custom Gold tama on stained tribute Ken: $20 shipped
Custom Aqua tama on Tribute Ken: $20 shipped

I would prefer to sell these kendamas but will trade for Atacks and other kendamas