FS- Many plastics/hybrids PRICES LOWERED

I dont really have time for yoyoing anymore, so am am selling a majority of my collection. Im very negotiable. Need to sell fast

Maple Drip Peak SOLD to jasonwongzero
Hulk Smash Peak SOLD to jasonwongzero
Iron Man wooly Marmot SOLD to jasonwongzero
Pocket Change- Few scuffs along rims, but plays great 5$
Protostar- small signs of wear along rims. Still plays great. Low vibe 12
Green Dark Magic- 5A beater. Many dings on the rims. Deal settler? 8
Red Dark Magic. Good yoyo. Some wear on the rims, but is smooth. Needs bearing cleaned 8
2 Duncan butterflys. One Green and other blue. Will throw in with high dollar purchase.
I need the $ so not for trade
Pics at yoyopictures.webs.com

how about $65 for the marmot?

Prices shipped?

Jackā€¦ you should just let me use these!!! at least the protostar. Call me