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Okay, pics coming soon. I am trying to buy rims for my car and so I am selling out almost my entire collection for close to half of what they are worth. It’s late right now and I’m working on a paper for school but here’s a peak at what kind of deals I am making:

yellow cut, one or two dings (with box, KK bearing and extra pads)- $65 shipped
Iron Man Wooly Marmot-- Mint $80 shipped
SPYY addiction/ punchline-- $70 black addiction and pink/black addiction, the new one is in
better condition but I’m not sure which one I am gonna sell
Punchline- Blue/yellow splash has a few dings- $80
1st run 28 stories peak- $80 shipped (has a few dings, got it off of Adam Brewster so you can say you havbe owned a pro’s throw.

I also have a genesis, a mint superstar (yye edition), two ekg’s (including a mint hara Kiri), and a bunch of other yoyos. I will update the thread tomorrow so just pm me. Feel free to ask anyone on my feedback list as to how I do business. I guarantee to ship within 24 hours of getting your money. I hate to see these things go but I need some mulah. Thanks

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Okay, the boss, wooly marmot (Crying) and genesis are gone. I also have a Turning point. If you love wide yoyos, this thing is awesome. If you are a big fan of the pyro then you will definitely love this yoyo. It is a teal blue color and I would sell it for 75 shipped. There are no dings on it but its been played a ton and its so old I’m not gonna call it mint, but its in great shape.

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you dont happen to have a Dark Magic or a Legacy do you?


ill buy the addiction, but send me sum details on the condition of both

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