Collection purge - new items/price drops

L to R, top to bottom:

OD Par Avion - tiny flat spots, vibe - $15 add on
RSO Bowl XL - NM, smooth - $65
OD Downbeat NQP - no longer for sale
YYF Koi - NM, smooth - $35
OD Deep State - one ding, light vibe - $30
EEB Primer - not for sale
GWAY Malivore - no damage, some vibe - $35
YYJoker Trancer - rim dings, some vibe - $10 add on
OD Moonlord Kraken - NM, smooth - sold for $45
OD SM Legendary Terrarian - NM, smooth - sold for $70
TSAF Parthenon - gone
TSAF Sistine Thief - NM, smooth - $15 add on
TP Collapsar - 2 tiny marks near response, smooth - $175
OD Diorama - no damage, smooth, your choice of ULs or flat caps - sold for $75

CLYW Ditch - mint with box/pin - $40

Iā€™m mostly looking to sell, but I am interested in the following and will trade in your favor or buy to get these items:

CLYW Canvas (prefer solids)
OD Parlay (copper-plated only)
OD Kuntosh 5kQV (bead blasted only)
Static Co. Sudo (pyramatte solids only)
Brass ultralight side effects
Disk/mini disk side effects


Updated again!


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