LF: yyf Shutters/Shu-tas regardless of condition


Title says it all I will only trade-- I have these throws make offers(no offer is rediculous especially if it’s a pink shutter)

Legacy 3 red unresponsive mint yyj

Yomega dash with 2 flatspots

Magicyoyos-n5-k5-n11 various conditions

Flying panda

Yoyozeekio anarchist green/blue/yellow with red splash-light scratches-fun smooth organic throw just doesn’t get enough respect

Grind machine 2-semi responsive- more of a deal sweetener

OD gradient with silver ultralights-somebody tried to hand polish this before me and it didn’t quite work so it doesn’t look great but it plays Super Smooth

Duncan metal drifter-no damage but it is responsive unless you clean the bearing in it

I also have a USA edition OneStar but I would prefer not to trade it-no damage

(system) #2