WTB Yo-Yo Bundle [For Team Suprise]


Starting up a team and most of them don’t have decent competition yoyos or even yoyos that they can make up tricks with. Looking for a good deal on some yo-yo bundles. CLYW, YYF, YYJ, pretty much anything I am up for. Just pm me! or text me at 919-252-3502


bump, looking for CLYW’s OneDrop’s mostly. Will take other offers. Mostly Metal but good quality plastic is also accepted. Looking for around 200$ worth and really need as much as I can get for the cost.


Look into the YYF shutter, it’s a dime:P also the yyf horizon, both really good for the price


PM Sent


Bump, If you live near Kinston /Goldsboro you can contact me for the Team. Also I am selling my laptop for 300 so the price range might go up.

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