WTB/LF: YYF 888X, DV888, YYJ DMII any int/adv (CA, USA)

Hey guys I’m trying to get back into yoyo play after 10+ years. I used to throw the old school bumblebees, duncan butterfly, and the yomega hyperwarp(non wing). I’ve been looking into starting again and looks like the DV888 or 888X would be a great yoyo to start back in and keep for a while.

I’m not too sure about the pricing, but it seems that $20-30 for the DV888/DMII and $55-65 for the 888X is about right. I am open to offers so please post or PM me with prices and pics!
I’m also open to any good intermediate to advanced throw that I could use for a while that is roughly around these price ranges.


I have an 888x for sale, just sent you a PM. Thanks!