WTB A quiet (AIGR? 10 ball? whatever?) bearing

I need a quiet bearing for a yoyo to take to work. Can be C size, D size, or ILYY size. Which ever size I getdictates what yoyo goes to work. Must be QUIET but still non responsive. I can cake a bearing in thick lube to make it quiet, but that’s not what I am looking for.

Got one? Send me a PM, please include how much you want for it including shipping in/to the U.S. Thanks!

Ok. So I need to buy a couple things.
I need two bearings for my TFL - 10 Ball or AIGR

I’m also looking for a sunset nxg. don’t need a pair, don’t need it mint, don’t care about color. I will consider buying a bearing if the price is right.

yoyoexpert is selling them check it out

yye sells bearings which may or may not be quiet, and doesn’t include shipping the cost. Thanks for the recommendation, but not what I’m looking for.

yeah i just read that your looking for a quiet not the aigr
hmmmm sorry i cant help