Looking for Bearings

Hey all, so im wanting to try out different kinds of bearings. Since ive started yoyoing which was about 4 months ago, all I have used is SPEC bearings and CenterTrac bearings. But im just wanting to try out different ones before i buy them. I really enjoy a flat bearing, so ive been interested in a 10-ball for a long time now. Also ive wanted to try out Terripin or w/e the name is, and last a KK or Ceramic KK. I have semi-new SPEC and CT bearings. So if you are willing to trade a CT for a 10-ball, i know its a small trade, but i would rather pay 45 cent for shipping with an envelope or what ever shipping is then buying a new one. SO if you would want to do this it would help. So to recap im looking for different kinds of bearings, i would prefer a semi-new, 100% working 10-ball, or KK, and im willing to trade a SPEC or a CT. Thanks!.

hmm, i could get some bearings to you, my freind has a tube of like 10 YYJ speed bearings. I have a rusted out regular YYJ bearing (lol).

i have two kk ill trade one for a spec bearing