wrist whip

i can do wrist whip but when i watched andre do it he can do it twice or three times can anybody teach me how to do it more than once :slight_smile:

You whip your hand in a circle so the stirng whips around, then you keep your hand still and the momentum of the stirng should get it to whip around your wrist and you should land in a wrist mount. Be sure to move you hand really fast.

Make sure you have the normal one Solid.

To do it more times, take your whole hand and circle the Whole yoyo then whip. Takes practice.

He said multiple ones. And no, you don’t land in a wrist mount.

Just pop the yoyo into the air and spin your hand in a circle as fast as you can, and once you have finish the amount of whips you are going to perform, stop your hand just above where the yoyo is, and it should catch the string, and whalaaaaaaaaaa you have down multiple wrist whips! Hope I helped!

I can land it every time but I can’t dismount it :frowning: when ever I try I always get a knot

Whenever I go to do a wrist whip i just catch it with my whole and and do a jade whip. I feel like it is a really flashy and impressive way to get into a trapeze. If I knew follow I would do that too. Haha

when you land it you can underpass the string to your right and drop the loop on your wrist then you will be on a GT then you pop out of the back and done!

It does take alot of practice im not even sure if I could do it but practice makes perfect so if you keep trying youll get it eventualy

Pretty much. I can do 2 full rotations almost everytime. However, when I try to do 3 I rarely get it. But who knows maybe if you practice you can be like Ann Connolly.