double wrist whip help

Im trying this trick and cant seem to wrap my head around it, how do you get the string around twice without hitting the yoyo with your hand? Is it speed and timing? or is there something else I may be doing wrong.

Personally, I have to pop the yoyo up higher when I go for a double, as well as whip the string much faster. So I would suggest trying to pop it higher and whip it a bit faster. I really hope it helps. ;D

Just make sure to practice your single as well, because I personally have had trouble hitting a single after learning to hit a double. ;D

try catching the whip with your hand rather than your wrist. it helps so much when trying to learn it. also pop the yoyo up higher and when you go around for the single pull your hand back a bit so the string doesnt go into the gap. then as the yoyo is falling go in for the wrist whip. but defiantlety try with your hand first then go onto the wrist.