Help on multiple whips!!!

I just cannot get multiple whips such as wrist whips 2 times. I need some serious help. If you don’t know what i mean by multiple whips, watch wrist whip in the Advanced pt 2. See how Andre can do 2?

Whip faster. How close are you to getting two whips?

Just whip as fast as you can and you’ll get it.

When ever i go over twice, the loop dissapears.

When you try doing two are you trying to do it as if you were only doing one? try whipping once like you were doing hook but on the second round stick your hand in for wrist whip. make sense?

i see what you mean… but i cant do a hook =(

What Fangers said is exactly how I figured out double wrist whip recently.
You don’t have to be able to do a hook, you just have to know how to do a hook.

give it more air time

check your string tension, give a good air time, and relax. if you put the yoyo high enough, there shouldn’t be a reason to be swinging so fast for a double wrist whip. Good luck ;D

Wow, I really appreciate you guys. I have finally landed a double wrist whip. I wanted to learn it because i love Augie Fash’s style.

Thanks a lot guys,