Multiple Wrist Whips

I am having trouble with the above mentioned trick past 2. I can get 2 whips pretty solid but i have no clue as to how you would get 3. Any tips on how to land this?

Do you mean like a double/triple wrist whip where you whip the string around multiple times and catch it in a wrist whip? If so I would try it with stiffer string that whips faster like Alchemy or Airglow

Yes that is the trick i am talking about also, I am currently using alchemy string.

Yeah airglow string works really nice :slight_smile:

Make your wrist spaz really fast. Works for me x] I can only get trip though.

As far as tips go, all I can say is to whip fast and practice practice practice!

Yeah, as already said, you just gotta practice. For me there is no “secret formula” or anything to magically make it happen. It’s all about doing the trick faster.