Wrist Mount whip + Wrist Whip to Whip

Does anyone know how to do the Wrist Mount to Whip at 00:32?

Does anyone know how to do Wrist Whip to Whip at 2:01?

Have not seen these moves before, they were probably developed by John and Tie themselves.

Regard Tie’s (The second one) it seems that you do a wrist whip, hop the yoyo up (which is hard with one hand. Then, as the yoyo is in the air, grab the slack loop that was formed, and whip it over. A very hard move, but if you practice, you’ll get it!

The first one is really easy. You basically come out of a wrist mount using your thumb to push it out the way you came in, and as the yoyo comes around to your TH pointer, you pinch the strings and let the slack follow through.

Try it with a double or nothing, its easier to practice with.