try this


ok its an easy way to get into the wrist mount if you do it right. OK so this is what you do: throw a breakaway and land on a trapeze then take your throwhand and stick it through the loop then kind of whip it to the right(small wip) and you should come into a wrist mount, try it a few times. Sorry for my lack of a camra i need to get one.


Been there, done that…


alright good to know


Figured that out a while ago.


oh. . ok well idk

(Jei Cheetah) #6

That trick is actually called: Wrist bucket whip.
Created by Hidemasa Senba in 2000.



oh. alrighty thanks for tellin me that

(Jesse) #8

I’m assuming that’s the same guy that invented Hidemasa Hook?




yup thats it, i have never heard of the trick so i just posted it , sorry


no reason to be sorry thats a sweet trick :slight_smile: haha I love it.

(Marvin.D) #12

you can also get in to the wrist mount from a houdini mount



(Shisaki) #14

Houdini mount, stick wrist in string on throw hand index, pop yoyo in middle string, done.


While it’s obviously been known about for a long time, good job! You figured it out on your own. That’s good!

(Marvin.D) #16

well you tell him how to do it while i make a tut

(Shisaki) #17

What? Also Brett already made a tut. Its hard to do a tut of the whip w/o the high speed but if you have that go for it.

(Marvin.D) #18

im talking bout how to get in to it from a houdini mont and it does not have a whip

(Astrojax) #19

yep. i have tricks from that. been there, done that.